Damn the Past!

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1.85:1 Aspect Ratio
29 minutes
Completion Date: 2007

Mario Lee is an auto mechanic who can sing but canít talk. After being laughed at his entire life for his unusual disability, he resigns himself to "passing' as a mute, leading a quiet, lonely existence fixing cars at the Miracle Auto Repair Shop.

He is forced to reconsider his MO when Gloria Kim, his bossís daughter, is released from the psychiatric hospital where she was a patient. When she arrives at the shop, Mario falls in love at first sight. Gloria is also drawn to Mario and shares with him her secret--Gloria dreamed of becoming a dancer, but her mother made her stop, driving her to the edge of sanity.

Now that Gloria is back from the hospital, her mother schemes to marry her off to Charlie Cho, a seemingly nice boy from church, who has conned his way into Mrs. Kimís favor. Unbeknownst to the Kims, he has sinister plans of his own.

Can Mario find the courage to overcome his handicap to win the girl of his dreams? Will Gloria manage to defy her mother and start dancing again? Can they both break free from the weight of their past to start a new future together?